Friday, June 20, 2014

Five 4 Friday - long time, no see!

Have you been wondering where I've been?

I've been here...just very busy. I have not had much time on my own to blog (been hanging out with friends almost every night - I only have 2 months and 1 week left), and I haven't had much "free" time at school either. Long story.

My co-teacher has finally decided after 10 months that I actually do know what I'm talking about, and she wants me to create all these learning materials for her to use next year. It's technically not part of my contract, but.....she has confided in me that she is always feels frustrated and inadequate. She said that she has looked back over her teaching last year and knows that she did a bad job. So I am helping her create some simple activities.

These take time. First, I create them on my computer based on the textbook lesson. I also write directions for each activity. Then I print speaking cards out and cut them out. I then give them to my co-teacher, so she can laminate them. She gives them back to me, so I can cut them out. Then I give them back to her, so she can put the Braille tape on them. We do this for each activity.

Let's get to the Five 4 Friday with Doodle Bugs!

A couple of weekends ago, we had a long holiday weekend, so a couple of friends and I went to Seoul. Here are some highlights from our trip.

We found THE best breakfast spot near our hostel. It was better than IHOP and Denny's!

Visiting the Seoul Arts Center museum

Visiting the amazing Princess Cafe where you can dress up in a traditional Korean hanbok or a wedding dress. Since I had just dressed up in a hanbok several weeks ago, I chose the wedding dress. It's like a grown up little girl's dream!

They also had fun accessories to put on too.

On Sunday morning we went to church. The service was fantastic. Fabulous music. Fabulous message. It's the mother church of my church in Daejeon. Made me want to move to Seoul.

I have found myself around people that are not quite in their right mind lately. So I was reminded of this wonderful quote.

I even made a sign to hang above my desk at school. I love it.

Yesterday, I brought out the shaving cream in class for my students to practice their ABCs. They LOVED it! Even the teachers loved it!

 A friend and I went to a coffee shop the other night. And this couple was sitting near us. in Korea. And I just missed taking a picture of her sucking his fingers. Literally. Sometimes Korea makes you uber aware of your singleness.

We had a fire drill today. Never had a fire drill with an actual fire. Or a speaker. We sat in the grass listening to him speak about fire safety. Of course I had no clue what he was saying. Korean fire safety.

Hope you guys had a great week! I know pretty much everyone is on summer break. Except me. What are you doing during your summer break?

Have you found me on Pinterest yet?

Or have you found me on instagram?

I love instagram for teachers! I get great ideas from pictures.

I love to hear from you guys, so comments are always welcome!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oh my Seoul

I will out of pocket the next couple of days. We have a long holiday weekend, so we are taking a girls trip up to Seoul! We're leaving tonight and won't be back until Sunday. So I'll miss the Five 4 Friday. :(

But....I've be having a ball here!

Hope you're having a great week!

Monday, June 2, 2014

June Currently - It's June?

It's June. Seriously. Can you believe it's actually June? I saw that today was June 2nd and about had a heart attack. What?

So I'm linking up with Farley, my fellow Texas friend, over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the June Currently. I always love reading everyone's Currently. Don't you?

So let me tell you about my day. I had a big Korean surprise (when something has been on the schedule for a while but they forget to tell the foreign English teacher until right then.....they happen often).

Mondays and Thursdays, by the way, are my hardest days because I have back to back classes all day long, and I have to teach 3 classes with my co-teacher. Long story. But I will just say it has not been easy. I get told a lot of things that I'm doing wrong. Sitting impolitely. Reading too fast. Drinking my pink drink in class. And the list goes on...

So today I get to school and read through my Facebook feed. Yup. We do that at school here. After being there for about an hour, I get a text from my co-teacher that reads as such...

"good we got to field trip so u have no class."

Um. Wow.

OK. So Netflix it was today!


Listening: I am watching CSI on TV, and they are currently showing a long run of Korean commercials. And I have no earthly idea what they're saying.

Loving: I am absolutely LOVING this Northern Irish Christian folk rock band. Like seriously. My cousin mentioned them on Facebook, and I had never heard of them. So I looked them up on iTunes and immediately purchased their albums. This particular song is one of my favorites right now. Gives me chill bumps. Don't you love it when a song does that?

Thinking: I only have 3 months left. I can't believe I've been in Korea for 9 months. I know without a doubt that I am meant to go home, but I am still going to miss Korea. I know I will be leaving a part of my heart here. I'll have to talk to other expats who have gone through this. Almost all of my friends are staying here. I'm really, really going to miss them.

Wanting: Because I only have 3 months left, I literally want to bottle up every memory and great experience so I can take it with me. Sure wish I could do that. I can't so I am building up my gratitude jar instead.

Needing: I need a teaching job for next year! I have filled out applications and talked to friends. Now comes the "fun" waiting part. And the patience part. Oh joy.

Summer Bucket List: Yup, I need a job. I want to cherish every single experience I will have these last 3 months. And I plan on going to Bali in August. Can't wait!

Link up with Farley and join the fun!

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