Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I am thankful...

The week before Thanksgiving, I asked my students to write down 10 things that they were thankful for. I was really surprised at some of the answers.

A couple of them said that they were thankful for me, their teacher. That was really sweet.

More than a handful said that they were thankful for Army Math - my little math facts program in my classroom that only takes 5 minutes a day. I was so shocked.

One of my students wrote, "I am thankful for this class because we do Army Math and it helped me learn my multiplication facts super duper fast now I know facts up to 2-12."

It just made me smile...SO big.

Now let me tell ya....there were some things that they were thankful for that literally had me rolling on the floor. I could not stop laughing.

Here is one of them:

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